List of the Cabin and Intermediate Passengers on the London

Passenger Surname Age Occupation at embarkation Comment Published and unpublished material on the passenger
Cabin Passengers          
Capt Atwood   Capt of the London    
Mrs Susannah Atwood   married woman wife of Capt Atwood  
Charles Empson 21 lawyer   ATL
Mrs Georgina Kelham 26 married woman    
James Kelham   merchant and shop owner    
William Sheppard lawyer    
Henry Torre speculator    
Dr William Mackie Turnbull 21 Surgeon Superintendent   Ship's Journal, ATL
Mrs Margaret Wills 58    
Intermediate Passengers          
Edward M E Abbott     ME is probably a mistake for Immyns  
William Calvert    
Robert Suckling Cheeseman 39      
Ann Cheeseman 26 married woman    
Annie Cheeseman 4      
Robert Suckling Cheeseman 2      
William Dale      
Daniel Dougherty circa 42 whaling Captain   books by Celia Manson: and Widow of Thorndon Quay
Sarah Dougherty 24 married woman   ditto
William Hamilton      
Mrs Emma Martin   married woman but alone with children    
Thomas Rider        
Richard Wallace