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People Making Connections

Hello and Welcome in 2017

Have you heard people say ‘Everything happens for a reason’, ‘it’s not what happens to you, it’s what you make of it’, ‘one thing leads to another’ – or have you said these things yourself?

When I wrote the text for this website in 2012 I themed it on history because I had written two works of history and expected to write more. Instead I have just completed a manuscript on belonging which can’t quite be described as history though it does contain quite a bit. I also realised I wanted to write more books not definable as history, so I looked for a theme that could accommodate everything I wrote/will write, a theme that suggests 'everything happens for a reason' etc and I came up with People Making Connections.

Here are a few pointers to what you can find on the site.

Published Work
Information about the books in particular. No Simple Passage, a book about the journey of early Victorian immigrants on the London in 1842 and their lives in pioneer New Zealand, was released by Random House NZ in April 2012. One reader said it gave the best picture of early Wellington days she had come across. Writers in Residence, published in 2004, tells the story of New Zealand's very first writers. Short takes from the book include links to online essays about nineteenth century New Zealand writers such as William Satchell, Jessie Mackay, Lady Barker and Alfred Domett.

History is not only all about us, but it's about all of us. Connecting loooks at how people are working to bring history into their lives in a vibrant, meaningful way.

Perhaps you have never considered the existence of the feral historian. Like history itself, these creatures are all around and about you. How do the little savages approach history and should thesis historians care?

Guide to Resources helps you navigate through funding possibilities, residencies, research resources, review organs, historical journals, related organisations and further links. Your input to this page is deeply appreciated.

Many descendants of early pioneers have held family reunions in recent years. Ancestral Family Reunions investigates why they matter to the descendants, how they enrich history and how to organise one.


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About Jones
Then in the Story of Jones there is the cautionary tale of how Jones got to be a published author. Jones Family History offers material and memoirs on how the Jones forbears came to New Zealand and what they did there. Also in About Jones you can check credentials and reputation in What they say about Jones

The Contact Us page invites you to ask questions, make comments or share information.

What else? No, that's enough for starters. Have a good day!